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Cindy Jensen pursues her three passions, each of which creates positive change in the world: individual self-actualization (coaching and training), emergency management, and advocating wellness through essential oils.


Cindy is a Master NLP Coach certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching. She coaches individual and corporate clients as well as assisting in Excellence Coaching Resources’ training classes.


She retired from public service in August 2017, having served as the Emergency Manager for a number of state and county agencies. Her last position was Emergency Manager for a large, multi-campus community college district in Arizona,


She continues her involvement in emergency management, serving as a Disaster Reservist for the State Arizona. In this role she serves as a state liaison officer during emergency response activities. She is frequently called upon to work on special projects that draw upon her considerable expertise.


Cindy is a Wellness Advocate for doTerra, introducing people to the benefits and uses of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.


In all of these roles, Cindy puts her years of experience in marketing, business development, event planning and administration to good use in order to empower more people to create the life they want.

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Natalie, you are a great teacher. You made class very fun and you were very encouraging. You kept reaffirming me that I was on track and doing well; especially when I felt at times a fish out of water. It was huge for me to hear your encouraging words. I really enjoyed working with you on the techniques and I didn’t feel intimated working with the “teacher”. You were very patient with me, and showed dedication to my practice, particularly while I was getting the scripts clean. I felt that throughout the week that you set us up for WINS! That is what happened for me, more than I expected. Thank you for what you do. You are an amazing young Lady

- JS 

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