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Coaching for Self

Have you done everything you want in life? Have you experienced everything you want to experience? Are you the person you want to be? If the answer to those questions is “yes,” congratulations! You don’t need us. 


If the answer is “no,” then the next question is “why not?” You already know the answer to that question; you probably just don’t know that you know it. 


Our job is to help you to find the answer, then to work with you to create a plan to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back, and finally to help you fulfill the plan.


How about it? Are you ready to be who you want to be, able to achieve what you want to achieve? Or do you just want to stay comfortable and unsatisfied?


Call us for a free consultation. And don’t forget to ask about our guarantee of results.

Our trainings focus on the modalities of: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching


Our coaching practice centers around helping motivated individuals actualize dreams and desires that have eluded them. At first it may involve assisting the client to be very clear about what it is he or she wants (because that may not even be known). The next step is to clear away the negatives, the obstacles that prevent the client from creating what he or she wants so that the final step, taking definite, meaningful action can be set into motion and achieved.


The human body is capable of healing itself as long as the unconscious mind (that part of the mind that runs the body) is in alignment with the process. Let us be very clear: we don’t heal anything; the client heals his or her own body. Our role is to discern the nature of the problem and help remove the obstacles to healing, thus enabling the unconscious mind to heal the body. We find hypnosis to be especially effective in healing.

For those who suffer from chronic pain for which there is no physiological reason, the Pain Paradigm technique we deploy can be highly effective in eliminating that chronic pain. The premise is that the pain is caused by an unrecognized negative emotion; we first identify the negative emotion (at which time the pain goes away) and then we deal with the negative emotion itself using other Time Line Therapy® techniques. The Pain Paradigm has been particularly effective in dealing with chronic migraine headaches.


NLP coaches and healers have long known of the amazing power of the mind to control the body as well as to create behavior that moves us toward--or away from--those things we say we want. Thus, we all have great potential to change our lives to fulfill our desires. The trick is to tap into that potential.


This is where hypnotherapy comes in. Hypnotherapy is an excellent method for an individual to connect with his or her unconscious mind and thus convert the potential for positive behavior change into reality, and to do so in a very short period of time. 


We note that some people who would do very well with hypnotherapy are reluctant to avail themselves of its benefits due to negative preconceptions, many of them created by the entertainment industry. We start our sessions by educating our clients in the benefits and dispelling the false impressions about hypnotherapy. Only when the client is fully assured do we continue. 


Hypnotherapy is very useful in weight release, smoking cessation, self-improvement, sports enhancement, improving memory and concentration, procrastination (although we have what we think is a better technique in NLP), and improving salesmanship, to name a few. We always tailor our coaching and therapy to match our clients’ needs. ​

If you are interested in creating significant change in a short period of time (as few as two sessions), we suggest you honor yourself and contact us today about hypnotherapy. You will be very glad you did! 

Personal Coaching
Pain Paradigm

It starts with a complimentary consultation. 

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