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The Practitioner Certification Training is a fast-paced, fun, experiential training wherein the students practice the techniques they have learned both as practitioners and as clients; the first builds skill and confidence; the second creates empathy. Because we direct the students to use real-world issues (no role playing) in their hands-on exercises, they derive the added benefit of getting rid of their “stuff” in the process!


Our trainings focus on the modalities of: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching. Successful graduates earn nationally-recognized certifications in these four disciplines.

​In order to create positive change in the world, I must first change myself. By so doing, I change the world just a little bit. Then as coaches, we help others create positive change in themselves and together we change the world a little bit more. And finally (for now), we train coaches, leaders, managers, and network marketers in the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching. In this manner we create a ripple where the effects of our actions are multiplied by the number of our students; now we are truly changing the world!

As a coaching graduate of Excellence Coaching Resources™ Practitioner Certification Training, you will possess these invaluable concepts and techniques to deploy on behalf of your clients:

  • Parts Integration: Eliminate internal conflict in a person’s daily life

  • Release Negative Emotions and Limiting Decisions: Release those things from your past that block your ability to create what you want in your future

  • Create your future the way you want it with certainty that you will be able to actualize it

  • Eye Patterns: Be able to understand what a person is thinking by the way his eyes move

  • Resource Anchor: be able to change your state to a resourceful state instantly

  • Chaining Anchors: Move yourself from a “stuck” state to a high-energy, action-filled state

  • Submodalities: Install new, resourceful behaviors in minutes!

  • Swish Pattern: learn how to remove minor, unresourceful behaviors

  • Internal Representations: the six things you can do in your mind

  • Strategies: how to recognize and utilize the short, quick, unconscious patterns that govern virtually all of a person’s actions

  • Conscious Mind/Unconscious Mind: learn how your mind is formed and how it functions

  • Cause vs. Effect: Take control of your life

  • Metaphors: learn how to tell compelling stories that help your clients create change

  • Hypnosis: Create the space for your clients to make the changes they want

  • Digital pendulum; use hypnosis to assist your clients to heal their bodies

  • Language patterns: (chunking, Milton Model, Meta Model) Learn how to create extraordinary results just by the way you speak!

  • Rapport: Create an unconscious connection that makes your communication much more effective

  • Modeling: Find patterns of excellence, learn how to replicate them and then teach them to others

  • The Three Requisites for Change

  • Coaching

    • Why is a client?

    • When is a client?

    • Engagement Agreement

    • Disclaimer

    • Finding and Attracting Clients

  • Sales

    • Five-Step Sales Process

    • The Ultimate Sales Formula

    • Buying Strategy

    • Negotiation Techniques

    • Conflict Resolution

Upcoming Practitioner Trainings

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