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The Secret

of Creating

Positive Change 

1-Day Workshop

Have you ever known someone who “had it all together,” someone who whose life was just the way they wanted it? Did you ever wish to know the secret of their success? In our one-day seminar, The Secret of Creating Positive Change, you won’t learn that other person’s secret, but you will learn the secret of how to create your own life the way you want it to be. This fast-paced, experiential seminar will lead you through positive changes in one context of your life, after which you can make the changes in the other contexts of your life. Come join us for a day; you will be transformed!


Coaching is the universal language of change and learning. 

Our trainings focus on the modalities of: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching

We have streamlined our workshop so that now we cover all the material in just one day of transformation! No longer is the whole weekend required to learn the powerful secret of creating what you want in your life; now you can have a fresh start in a single day!
You will learn valuable concepts and experience breakthrough in a number of ways. Principal among these are:

  • Learning a new way of thinking that can change your whole approach to life 

  • ​Finding out what’s most important to you (and many people don’t know that)

  • Once you learn what’s important, you will learn how to make it come to pass

  • Learn a technique that will enable you to achieve every one of your goals

  • And not least, release negatives from your past that are preventing you from creating the present and the future you want

In The Secret of Creating Positive Change you will have the opportunity to experience powerful techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy®. These techniques can lead to improvement in: 

  • Career and job enhancement

  • Productivity 

  • Income 

  • Relationships with your significant other, family, and friends

  • Health and wellness

  • Personal growth

The techniques that you will learn in The Secret of Creating Positive Change will empower you to create the positive change in yourself that will transform your life!
Honor yourself, invest one day, and learn how to create the life you have always said you wanted but have never been able to create!

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