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We assist motivated clients in creating extraordinary results in their lives.​


We are pleased to announce that Suzie DeBar, owner of DeBar Fitness and Wellness of Billings, Montana, has joined the Excellence Coaching Resources™ training team. Suzie trained with us at the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels and then earned her NLP Trainer’s certification from The Tad James Company. Look for her smiling face when you join us for trainings this year!


NLP Practitioner Certification Training 

July 7-13 Billings, Montana

September 14-20 Scottsdale, Arizona
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The Secret of Creating Positive Change

Dates TBD
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Master Practitioner Certification Training

October 2021 Scottsdale, Arizona
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Our coaching practice is geared towards individuals looking to create extraordinary change in their personal and professional lives. Coaching often centers around a specific, desired outcome or goal, or it may address multiple situations simultaneously. We customize our coaching sessions to fulfill the individual needs of our clients.

A typical client for us is someone like you.


Excellence Coaching Resources™ is a full-spectrum coaching and training organization. As coaches, we work with individuals, groups or businesses in assisting clients who are willing to embrace change to create new results in their lives or businesses, perhaps even results that they have always desired and have never been able to actualize. As trainers, we train coaches and aspiring coaches in the art and science of coaching as well as in the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy. A typical client for us is someone like you, someone who has taken his or her life to a respectable level and is now ready to take it even higher.

Our tag line, indeed our mission statement, is “Create Positive Change In The World.” To us, that means that because we are all here together on this planet it would be advantageous for us more or less to get along with each other and to work together to improve the human condition worldwide. We may not always agree with each other, but we can still treat each other with respect and tolerance, such that we can come together on those things we do agree upon and make the world a better place for our having been here.
Above all we can be responsible for our actions. Just as we get to enjoy the fruits of our victories, so also do we bear the consequences of our mistakes, and always, always, always we should learn from both so that we can continue to get better and better.

You don’t have to look very far to notice that there are a great many people running around who don’t subscribe to one or more of these qualities. We at ECR believe we have been given the ability to do something about that and so we think we should, as best we can. We can’t make enough of a difference by ourselves so we seek to coach and train others who are inclined to join us in the quest.
Just to be clear, the first step in creating positive change in the world is to create positive change in yourself; everything else flows from that. If you’re ready to create positive change in the world, contact us now.
Honor yourself, pick up the phone and call us at (480) 305-0903.

Our Team



"Paul Jensen is a powerful coach. I felt fully supported yet challenged with each session and appreciated his wisdom, experience, and skills throughout all of the coaching sessions. He brought his best to each session and he was always flexible to my needs at the moment. That is a true sign of an extraordinary coach."




"I have had the opportunity to work with Natalie and found her expertise in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Coaching has helped me tremendously with overcoming my personal issues. I would highly recommend her for others to alleviate their issues."


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“Master NLP Coach Cindy is a powerful coach who is skilled in digging down to the root with her clients. She does this in a subtle and easy way that makes you feel comfortable. She helped me release baggage that was setting me back without knowing it! Stellar coach!


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"Suzie DeBar possesses the character, countenance, and training to facilitate a room full of people through experiential personal growth. 

I recently witnessed Suzie coach and facilitate individuals and groups of people through breakthrough sessions using Time Line Therapy® and NLP techniques. The participants were able to clear off past negative emotions and limiting beliefs and remove internal conflict in their lives. Suzie received numerous highly laudatory testimonials from the participants whom she guided through the seminar. 

If you seek to gain life or business coaching skills or take an in-depth discovery dive into your limiting beliefs and decisions, I whole-heartedly recommend that you contact Suzie Debar."


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