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Coaching for Business

We frequently work with business owners and managers who seek to take their business to the next level and for some reason the business is not cooperating. In virtually every case, the problem lies with the owner or manager rather than with the business. We assist owners to overcome their own biases and fears (most of which are unconscious) that serve as obstacles to the growth, prosperity and success of the business. 

For example, sometimes owners or managers cannot see possibilities outside their normal frame of reference. We have extensive process frames for coaching and then multiple reframes that enable the client see and grasp other possibilities. The benefit of this is that multiple potential solutions to existing obstacles come to light and are available for deployment! 

Once you settle on a desired solution we can help you develop a plan to make it come to fruition. We will even assist you in the execution of the plan, if that is useful to you.

Are you ready to empower your business so that it fulfills your goals and dreams? The solution is already within you; you couldn’t want it if it weren’t. Our job is to help you find the solution, create a plan to achieve it, and help you take action!

Your first action is to pick up the phone, call us, and bring us on board! The initial consultation is always free.

Our trainings focus on the modalities of: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching


This is perhaps the single area in which we will depart from our normal practice of not teaching or leading our clients in a specific direction. While much of Business Coaching is very similar to Personal Coaching, that is, helping the client find his or her own solutions for what is holding him back, some aspects of Business Coaching involve learning about business concepts and techniques, and it’s here that we become teachers and coaches in the more traditional sense. 


This is a critical area in the Business Coaching realm. According to Gallup, up to 75% of voluntary employee turnover can be attributed to managers and leaders in the workplace. The poor leadership style of a leader can lead to chaos, high turnover, unhappy employees and ultimately, lost productivity and reduced profitability. We can work with the leader to modify his or her style to produce a positive, high-functioning team, leading to significantly improved results!


The activity of helping a solid performer make the move to the “next level,” to the the level to which he or she has aspired for some time but hasn’t quite been able to actualize. It may be a promotion, it may be increased income, it may even be a new job; this is for the person who is doing well and wants to do even better! Whatever it takes to create forward movement.


This is the process of assisting someone who isn’t measuring up to expectations and who’s ready to overcome whatever is holding him or her back. The process might involve motivational shift, values analysis and alignment, or setting meaningful goals, among other techniques.



Hiring and Retaining: As expensive as replacing employees is, it behooves any organization first to hire employees who “fit“ the organization and then to retain those employees. A fairly simple step in the recruitment process is to elicit the potential employee’s career values and then see how they match up with those of the organization. A recruit whose values are highly congruent with the organization’s values will probably have a higher expectation of success than a recruit whose values are very different.

Implicit in all this, of course, is that the values of the organization are known. We work with business owners and key leaders to determine what’s important to the organization and then train the people who make the hiring decisions on how to elicit a recruit’s values (it’s a fairly simple process).

This is not to say that values are the only determinant of success in an organization. However, since values are what are most important to an individual, knowledge of an employee’s values can be a highly useful piece of information to have later on, in such contexts as motivation and recognition, for example.

Another technique that can be instrumental in recruiting and retaining employees is Meta Programs. Meta Programs are, like values, highly unconscious drivers of behavior, and knowledge of a person’s Meta Programs can be especially useful. Assuming everything else is in line, why does a valuable employee all of a sudden want to leave after five successful years on the job? And what can be done to retain that employee? Meta Programs can give us the answers to these and other questions.


Review and training in one’s own strategies in the area of sales as well as developing an understanding of how to elicit a client or prospect’s buying strategies, the better to match the two for a greater probability of success. We also offer training in specific sales techniques that provide structure to the sales process.

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It starts with a complimentary consultation. 

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